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Post by THG-Champtec on Tue 03 Feb 2015, 1:56 pm

SRT stands for Supersonic Racing Team. This team is founded by THG member THG-Champtec.
THG-Champtec has decided to found SRT to be able to host several Championships that were not fitting THG.

SRT can be found online via these channels :

WEBSITE : www.srt.simpsite.nl
FORUM : www.srt.onlinegoo.com
FACEBOOK : www.facebook.com/srt.granturismo
EMAIL : supersonic-racing-team@hotmail.com

There will be 3 Championships being orginzed by SRT :

- WGCC - World GranTurismo Club Championship
This is a World Championship between several online Gran Turismo Clubs/Teams. Teams like THG, Team Morphine and SRT have already signed signed up for Season 2015)
Once per month there will be a WGCC event.
Every event will be done in different cars, and different tracks. Teams may sign up drivers for these races, which will be recruited by the Teambosses. THG-IsaacIII is the contactperson for THG drivers who want to compete in WGCC.
All teams compete in their Club/Team colours, for THG that means BODY : WHITE / RIMS : BLUE
More up-to-date info about WGCC here : WGCC

always at 22:00 PM (Amsterdam time) to not conflict the THG SUNDAY CUP. THG members are always welcome to join in.
More up-to-date info about SSC here : SRT SUNDAY CUP

- WTM - World Touringcar Masters
Many of you probably already know WTM. This populair Championship was run by THG for a season. Soon WTM will start a new season, now run by SRT. More up-to-date info about WTM here : WTM

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