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Post by THG-sonam8246 on Tue 08 Apr 2014, 12:54 am

Hello Guys!

Many of you (THG MEMBERS) are registered in the PSGL site. I'm glad to see you joining every week for the events, so in case you're all interested, i'd like to post some details for the coming season here.

There are some Rules Changes going to happen, which we hope to attract people back to racing.

From the next season:

- There will not be two leagues, but only one, so numbers are high every week.
- Skid Recovery Force, Steering Help and ASM will not be allowed. Only ABS, TC and driving line will be available to use.
- There will still be the current tyres rules but there will be used Sport Tyres for Road Cars and Racing Tyres for Racing Cars.
- The Track and car combos will be chosen by the members.

I know that these rules (except the 3rd one) sound more like our THG SUNDAY CUP, but it's true that the TSC is a good example of how to organise a championship and successfull so the PSGL GT6 staff members decided to follow some of its lines.

Now, i want to get your attention and remind you that if you want to sign up for the next season, remember to do that soon, and take a good look of how things are going.

See you all around!
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